Vintage Mint

& Me

"That land is my genesis. I was born there, cradled by the land,

and I am always there even though I have been a wanderer."

~ The Land Remembers, Ben Logan


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I was blessed to grow up in a family whose roots (pun intended) were in mint farming. In 1912, my great grandfather started farming peppermint and spearmint in Clinton County, MI. I didn't appreciate this unique way of life until leaving the farm, and then returning. My life today continues to revolve around mint. I doubt I can ever break loose. This site is to preserve a bit of history, deepen my own appreciation for the land, my journey, and the people who have believed in me.


The first picture in the gallery on the left is my all time favorite!  This picture represents so many precious memories for me.  Check out my clothes...I am the little girl on the far right. Do you love the boots with my sunflower knee highs? I love the vintage cars, the old walnut tree, the circle drive, the corn field across the road, and the old tool shed. Not one of these are still there except the land beneath my feet.


I am so grateful that someone captured this moment in the spring of '66. This very spot holds a most unique and quantum moment for's the very spot that I first recall my inquiry and connection with a source higher than "ahh ha" moment, a vintage one at that. I visualize this place often, the feeling and the wonderment. It fuels my knowing that anything is possible!  And, this is my life.


The mint cottage is now my refuge when I am at the farm. This farm girl has wings. I have journeyed to Philadelphia for 3 years to be close to the new love of my life; my granddaughter, Grace. Now "shuffling" off to Buffalo.


My deepest desire is to leave a legacy. Perhaps it starts right here.


If you have memories you would like to share about the Crosby Mint Farm, please contact me!  I would love to hear from you...

As always,

Expect miracles & enjoy the journey


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