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A friend for a lifetime...Isidro Herrera

May 4, 2011

I fall back in love with Facebook every time I reconnect with friends from years ago.


A few months back, I received friend requests from sister and brother, Tina (Herrera) Lopez and Daniel Herrera. Overjoyed, I accepted!  It had been 45 years since our last communication. Their grandfather, Isidro Herrera, cared for the land beneath me for years.  When my father bought this farm, Isidro was already here. Each spring, he would travel from Laredo Texas with his sons and daughters and their children.  I now realize that Isidro not only shared the farming experience, but he shared stories of this mint heritage that continued to live inside his family.


 Through his wisdom, family leadership, and integrity, Isidro had an impact on my life. Even though I was young, his energy continued to linger here and I am now present again to the trust, peace, and a depth of love I sensed through his eyes.


The first gift this kind man handed me was the ability to play with his grandchildren, my playmates and mint farming buddies. The second gift is respect for the land I call home. His legacy lives on here at the Crosby Mint Farm!To Danny and Tina, we explored this farm together. Today we share the big red barn that lives inside each of our hearts. We hear the same laughter. We hear the same birds. We see the same hayloft with corn cobs whizzing by our heads. We hear the sound of BB guns and remember the fort of vegetable crates to crawl through. Most importantly, we feel the same muck between our toes, an energy shared only perhaps by a mint farming family.Thank you Isidro and thank you Facebook for bringing my friends back home.From Michigan to Laredo, and back to the farm with love…




This video shares some of the beautiful pictures of the Herrera Family that Tina sent my way. Isidro, the stoic patriarch, was a gift beyond measure. He loved this farm, stayed with the land during its transition, and shared the love of mint with his children and grandchildren. I was just a small girl when he lived here at his special little white house down by the creek. And then one day, perhaps in 1965, they didn't return until our connection through Facebook.


PS...I have now just newly connected with Isidro's two other grandchildren Tony Hernandez and Lydia Hernandez James, children of  Isidro's beautiful daughter, Rosie Hernandez. Rosie offers her own stories and memories to the continued mint tapestry, soon to come!

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Expect Miracles

July 28, 2019

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