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Goodbye, old friend

May 31, 2009



This was just a quick slide show of the Old Crosby Mint Farm Barn. The property it sat on is just across the street from your friendly Walmart Super Center and is currently for sale. Every farm and house that I knew as a youngster have all been torn down, burned, etc….progress at it’s finest. My family chose to let it deteriorate and it came down in last June’s terrible storm. After attending the MI Barn Preservation Network Conference last week, I decided I had to do something. I understand it’s important to detach from material things at certain times. (?) On Labor Day, 2008 we torched it…along with it, a part of each of us went with it. We keep wonderful memories in our hearts and minds. Good bye, old friend.



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Expect Miracles

July 28, 2019

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